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We invite you to pick up some homemade goods from our bakery to experience our selection of cupcakes, cookies, and specialty desserts.
Upcoming News:
A Special Dessert to be Featured in Jan. 2019 Maple Grove Magazine!
I am proud to be featured for the second time in Maple Grove Magazine, the Jan. 2018 Edition! Please pre-order your brownie for you and your loved one today! It is a nice serving size for two. It will come wrapped nice and pretty so you can get some "brownie points."  ; )
A Recap of Summer 2018
Our Bakery Enjoyed lots of Firsts this Year!
  1. Fresh Cookies
    Fresh Cookies
    Get yourself some fresh oven-baked cookies! These are a great treat and a delightful part of your day!
  2. Cupcakes!
    These perfect gourmet confections are just great for everything from birthdays to any special occasion
  3. Hot Coffee from Costa Rica!
    Hot Coffee from Costa Rica!
    You will LOVE this blend! It is from a family-owned coffee plantation in Costa Rica! This is a favorite at the MG Farmer's Market!
  4. Title 4
  5. Title 5
Hours of Operation
Saturdays 10:30am - 2:30pm 

Contact us about making arrangements for pickup outside of Saturday hours. We try to be as flexilble as we can.

Maple Grove, MN